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Lipstick Utility Knife

Lipstick Utility Knife

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The phrase "kiss of death" has never been more appropriate. Next time, when you reach for your lipstick, be sure your knife is away. This covert, hidden knife is cleverly disguised as a small case of women's lipstick. Surprise any attacker when your harmless make-up transforms into a powerful self-defense tool. Takedown's Pucker Up opens up like a regular lipstick case and with a slight twist, a black half-serrated blade emerges in the place of make-up. Keep this novel item in your purse for protection or show it off to impress your friends. Whatever you do, make sure you Pucker Up.


  • 1045 surgical steel blade
  • 4.5-inch overall length
  • CIA agent-style hidden knife
  • Takedown stamped on the blade - Know you're carrying tactical, police-quality gear
  • Available in 3 different colors

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