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Streetwise Security

Streetwise Sticky Gel Pepper Spray

Streetwise Sticky Gel Pepper Spray

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Criminals have become increasingly bold and aggressive, creating the demand for something other than traditional pepper spray to stop them. After over two years in development, we have combined police strength pepper spray with proprietary formula sticky gel to create the strongest, most effective defensive spray on the market today.

Why should you rely on Streetwise Sticky Gel Pepper Spray to get you out of any "sticky" situation?

Police strength formula: 1.4 MC (200,000 SHU) can incapacitate an attacker for up to 45 minutes.

Adheres to its target making it difficult to wipe off and providing longer-lasting effects.

Bursts out of the nozzle at over 120 PSI to reach a distance of up to 12 feet keeping you a safe distance away from your attacker.

The heavier, thicker proprietary formula is less affected by the wind which decreases the chance of blowback.

Unlike traditional pepper spray that impacts all those in the area, the sticky gel affects only those who come in contact with it which makes it more conducive to indoor use.

Pinpoint accuracy enables you to spray only your intended target.

Leaves a mark on a would-be attacker. In addition to the sticky gel that is difficult to wipe off, the target will be left with an orange stain and a UV dye making it easy for law enforcement to identify.

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