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Pocket Jump: Power Bank and Car Jump Starter

Pocket Jump: Power Bank and Car Jump Starter

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No Juice, no problem! The Pocket Jump: Power Bank and Car Jump Starter not only charges your dead cell phone battery like a normal power bank but it is the first product that can jump-start your car from inside the vehicle! 

Imagine yourself stranded along a dark road or in a desolate parking lot in the middle of the night. First, your phone dies, then your car won’t start. Now you’re left without the security of a working phone messing with dirty jumper cables while hoping the “right” kind of person stops to help.

This is why the Pocket Jump was invented. It is the first product of its kind that can transfer power directly to the car battery through your vehicle’s power outlet. Equipped with Smart Charge Technology, not only can it recharge devices like smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices, it also has enough power to jump-start a vehicle — all from the security and convenience of the driver’s seat.  Recharging the Pocket Jump is easy using the included USB cord.  You can charge it in your home or car using your block charger (not included) or USB car plug (not included).  Power indicator LEDs let you know how much of a charge you have before you leave home. 
You can take the Pocket Jump anywhere – in fact, it actually fits in your pocket yet possesses enough power to jump-start your car.


Slim & Compact: designed to fit anywhere including pockets, consoles, and purses.

Rechargeable: a micro USB charging cord included for charging the unit and the LED battery indicator lights reflect the charging timeframe. Input: 5V 1A

USB Compatible: built to charge tons of devices including phones, tools, toys, and more! Capacity: 4400mAh. USB output: 5V 2.1A

Battery Jump: Jump a dead car battery without lifting the hood of your car. DC output: 12V 1.5A


      • Pocket Jump: Power Bank and Car Jump Starter
      • Micro USB Charging Cord
      • AC Adapter Power Cord


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