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Striped 7" Tactical Utility Knife

Striped 7" Tactical Utility Knife

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The Striped 7" Tactical Knife is a nice brawny knife to carry every day. The coated stainless steel blade can handle almost any task you throw at it - military, tactical, rescue, or outdoors. Opens super quick with just your finger. Measures 4" closed, 7" open. Easy to carry - slip it in your pocket or clip it to your pocket or belt with the sturdy belt clip and built-in carabiner.

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  • Handle with carabiner
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Belt Clip
  • Assisted Open
  • Liner Lock
  • 90-Day Warranty


EliteEdge Striped Tactical Folding Knife w/Carabiner

10976BR formerly EA10RD

10976BS formerly EA10SL


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