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Automatic OTF Pen Utility Knife

Automatic OTF Pen Utility Knife

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The ElitEdge Automatic OTF (Out The Front) Pen Knife is a must have writing instrument for the office, home, or out in the field. Should the need for a knife arise you simply slide the pocket clip up and an instantly a 1.75” stainless steel blade springs out the top of the pen! Safety feature is included to prevent the knife from coming out accidentally.


  • Next Level Tactical Pen
  • Hidden Knife Springs from the top of the pen
  • Great for small cutting tasks and personal protection
  • Safety Feature to prevent accidental discharge
  • Functional Executive Pen with black ink
  • Extra ink cartridge included
  • Standard Size Aluminum Pen (6” long)
  • Stainless Steel is Blade 1.75” long
  • Packaged in black gift box
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