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Armed Force Tactical

Automatic OTF Utility Knife w/ Belt Clip

Automatic OTF Utility Knife w/ Belt Clip

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If you’re looking for a durable, reliable, and easy to conceal out-the-front knife, look no further than the ElitEdge Automatic OTF Knife w/Belt Clip. It may seem fragile and soft at a first glance. However, it is stable, solid, and well put together. It is the ideal knife if you want a full-size unit without having to deal with the weight and bulk. It is suitable for all kinds of applications – great for hunting, survival, adventure, and other outdoor activities.

Normal EDC knives are cumbersome to open and often require two hands to operate, but with an OTF switchblade, a smooth blade ejection is just one switch away. This automatic knife is spring assisted and uses a double action press release button, allowing the blade to eject out the front with a slide switch, and return to its resting place via the same switch using just one hand to operate.

This model also includes a window breaker situated at the hilt, an addition that can be used to break glass like that of a car window in case of an emergency. An essential part of any personal safety kit.

The Automatic OTF Knife is great for self-defense and easier to handle than assisted-opening models. The small size allows you to fit the blade into a pocket, or bag, and retrieve with a speed that folding knives can’t match. Using an OTF knife also removes the need to ever touch the sharp edge.

Automatic knives are known to be more durable than folding knives and less likely to break at the hinge. In addition, it’s easy to clean—optimal for outdoorsmen who like to hike and hunt. Also preferred by fishermen.

These models include a small holster providing you with more options to carry. You can attach it to your belt or store safely wherever you need.

The switchblade is available in several unique patterns as well as a variety of sizes: small, medium, and large. The choice is yours. Pick the model that suits your specific style and needs.

Automatic blades were first introduced in the 18th century, but they’ve come a long way. At Cutting Edge Products, we prioritize utility, a smooth handling experience, and a sharp edge, optimized for everyday use.

 Since their invention, the legality of switchblades has been in question. Today, it varies depending on geographic location. In the 19th century, automatic knives were banned in most places. However, in 2009, an amendment to the Federal Switchblade Act lifted restrictions on spring-assisted knives. Before you buy or sell, make sure to verify the model is legal in your state.

As a member of the American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI), we are committed to ensuring that there will always be switchblade knives for sale. To learn more about automatic switchblade laws, see


  • Multiple Dimensions (closed/open): Small - 4.5"/ 7" | Medium - 5" / 8.25" | Large - 5.75" / 9.25"
  • Coated Zinc Handles: A proven method for maximum corrosion resistance. Zinc provides excellent protection in most environments.
  • 440C Stainless Steel Blade: A high-alloy steel can resist corrosion more effectively than other steels.
  • Window Breaker: In case of an emergency, you made need to break a glass window, which is why we include a window breaking device in this compact automatic knife so you can stay prepared.
  • Belt Clip: This ensures you can take your OTF switchblade anywhere without having to worry about flimsy manufacturing. This clip will stay wherever you put it.
  • Automatic Blade Extension: using the double-action press release button, the blade extends and retracts automatically.
  • Ambidextrous Opening: No need for two hands, this knife opens however feels most comfortable to you.
  • 90-Day Warranty


  • Automatic OTF Knife w/ Belt Clip
  • Holster

112SDGCP formerly EA13DCG

112SCACP formerly EA13WCM

112MBLCP formerly EASEBTM

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