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Streetwise Security

10-pack Stream Pepper Spray Countertop Display

10-pack Stream Pepper Spray Countertop Display

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The 10-pack Pepper Spray Countertop Display is a colorful eye-catching countertop display with ten Streetwise 18 Stream Pepper Spray, 0.5 oz. Hard case.

This is an excellent POP display for stores, flea markets, or any retail outlet.


Eye Catching: The Streetwise Countertop Display has black and Yellow graphics and our Police Force Policeman on the front; it's definitely an eye-catcher!

Fully Loaded: Comes with ten individually packaged pepper sprays.


    • Streetwise Countertop Display
    • 10x Streetwise 18 Stream Pepper Spray 0.5 oz. Hard-case

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